Hustle Intermediate to Advanced

Hustle Intermediate to Advanced


Instructional Dance DVD featuring Michael & Dawne Kiehm, 60 minutes


Part One

  • Left turning basic with tunnel pass overturned, to man’s hammerlock
  • Back side pass, catch L-R and back up while leading a wrap to sweetheart
  • Lady’s unwrap with man’s spiral spin and back side pass

Part Two

  • Man’s cut in
  • Four count L-L with man’s flip back and hand change to quick spin wrap
  • Unwrap to hip catch and tandem spin left

Part Three

  • Left turning basic with hand switch to waist hold
  • Traveling waist pull spins with or without man’s spins

Part Four

  • Two hand release and Eggbeater
  • Back to back spiral into wrap
  • Four count unwrap to cross “hand thread the needle”
  • Tandem roll left to two hand wrap to sweetheart
  • Man’s right roll with Lady’s left roll to hammerlock and basic release

Part Five

  • Two hand release, slip through to New York Walk
  • Left turn to end in shadow behind the lady
  • Left turning basic with lady’s left under arm turn
  • Left to left accelerated barrel roll and hand change to wrap
  • Lean in wrapped position, slip to layout


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