Nightclub 2-Step Advanced Hot Moves


Instructional Dance DVD featuring Michael & Dawne Haight


Part One

  • Left turning basic, release to two hand hold
  • Advanced Egg Beater w/back to back sliding door
  • Free spin to Lay-out
  • Performance Curl with Pivot release

Part Two

  • Left turning basic, release to right to right hold
  • Outside roll to side by side double rondes
  • Woman around man w/twist to double rondes
  • Woman around man with in & out, and she he pass
  • Open break and inside pull w/L to L hold
  • Simple roll out to open crescendo line
  • Free spin to R-R finger turn (attitude spin)
  • R-R inside tandem roll to layout standing split

Part Three

  • Continuous Left turn w/hand change to hammerlock
  • Reverse roll w/mans left roll to hammerlock
  • Back circle basic to the left
  • Hip pull spin to basic position
  • Catch L-R for inside roll, flip-over lay-out


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