West Coast Swing Advanced Patterns

West Coast Swing Advanced Patterns


Instructional Dance DVD featuring Michael Kiehm & Dawne Haight


Funk Style, Patterns & Body Movements: New patterns, new styling. 

If you have our previous WCS Advanced video, you’ll want this one too.

Part One

  • Closed basic, tuck w/sit hitch & heel press footwork
  • Inside pivot whip w/right to right side slide release
  • Right to right in & out w/hip catch & quick spin to freeze
  • Multiple closed springs & tuck release

Part Two

  • Shadow tuck overturned
  • Quick right to right barrel roll
  • Whip w/two hand release to vine & tuck
  • Inside sit whip w/inside release

Part Three

  • Two hand tuck (both hands over to cross hand drape w/lady behind the man)…man switches to lady’s footwork
  • Lady’s sugar in shadow
  • Side hitch to “Shorty George” right side pass with spin

Part Four

  • Sugar w/roll off the heel
  • Whip w/double sweeps, inside releasew/man’s right spin and hand change behind
  • Right to right hammerlock whip w/quick wrap & switch ended with check & inside roll release


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