West Coast Swing Basic to Intermediate

West Coast Swing Basic to Intermediate


Instructional Dance DVD featuring Michael & Dawne Kiehm, 60 minutes


This video combines several of the most common basic and intermediate level patterns into one video.

Part One

  • Sugar push
  • Sugar tuck
  • Under arm pass
  • Left side pass

Part Two

  • Closed basic
  • Tuck release
  • Under arm pass w/ hand change
  • Right to right side pass w/ inside roll

Part Three

  • Basic whip
  • Whip w/ inside roll
  • Whip w/ hand change behind the back
  • Whip w/ outside roll

Part Four

  • Double under arm pass (left and right)
  • She-he pass (8 counts)
  • Inside whip with barrel roll exit
  • Sugar push with cross over triples

Part Five

  • Closed tuck release, with hip catch
  • Back side pass with outside roll
  • Shoulder catch whip
  • Hammerlock in & out with hip roll ending


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