West Coast Swing Intermediate Patterns

West Coast Swing Intermediate Patterns


Instructional Dance DVD featuring Michael Kiehm & Dawne Haight


Funk Style, Patterns & Body Movements Taking things up a notch! Michael and Dawne introduce additional movements to the basics like the “spring” and double spins! With four short routines containing enough material to last you months, Michael and Dawne show several cool moves with body movements and footwork styling tips.

Part One

  • Closed basic, cross track & inside release
  • Sugar tuck w/man’s right roll & hand change behind
  • Right to right in & out pass w/man’s left roll & hand change behind the back
  • Left to right side pass w/inside roll & closed twists

Part Two

  • Whip w/stop-n-go forearm catch
  • Inside pick-up w/outside barrel roll ending
  • Open crescendo & roll to closed spring
  • Closed rock w/break-away ending

Part Three

  • Spin whip w/quick reverse spin to hammerlock
  • Prance walks in hammerlock (2), she-he pass ending
  • Left to left prance to wrap-unwrap to elbow hook & spin Part four
  • Whip, inside roll to hammerlock & pop-out
  • Right to right power passes (curving)
  • Right to right in-n-out to hammerlock
  • Hammerlock prance w/advanced tunnel ending


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